Chris + Lindsey

Who doesn't love a fall wedding? Well we found ourselves at a gem of a fall wedding in September of 2016

Chris & Lindsey was such an amazing an amazing couple and they look stunning to top it off!

We were stoked to close out our last wedding in 2016 (and possibly ever) doing something different,

we loved the industrial environment of the Venue. Conveniently named "BRICK", in downtown San Diego

the beautiful brick interior and city landscape gave this wedding incredible colors and vibes! 

Chris + Lindsey-0313.jpg

September 16th ~ 2016

We honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect today; this was one of those weddings where we showed up and literally it felt like it was just meant to be! From start to end it was perfection

Chris + Lindsey-0353.jpg

Feature 2

Didn't we mention we loved the BRICK?!?! although we did take a majority of the footage outside in the beautiful city scape we absolutely loved this brick backdrop. Didn't hurt that these gorgeous models were all dressed up and ready for shots shots shots! 

Chris + Lindsey.00_05_10_22.Still004.jpg

Feature 3

Thank you SO SO much to this stunning couple for letting us be a part of you're very special day! We had such a blast and couldn't be happier with how your film came out. The two of you were absolute gems to work with and we at Coletrain Collective wish you the best of luck in marriage! <3


And without further delay we are proud to present the 

Chris & Lindsey Love Story