Who we are

Lead creator

George Coletrain

Director + CINEMATOGRAPHER + EDITER + VFX + Graphic Design + Web

My name is George Coletrain and i am the founder and lead creative of Coletrain Collective. I work full-time at my amazing church North Coast Church in North County California. There i have pioneered and lead a creative team who's goal and mission is not unlike Coletrain Collective. My heart is not only for myself to create exceptional art but inspire others to do the same. And i truly believe that the best way to that is with a team, i honestly believe you can get more and better work done with a team than you can ever do by yourself. Everything i do, i do with a team, I've created at my place of work and now for Coletrain Collective. The heart and passion behind this initiative is to be able to create art at the highest level without sacrificing the art of it. We strive for excellence in quality and experience. No matter what level of interaction you have with the team we want it be one that makes you feel inspired, heard and cared for; not only are we passionate about the art but about people. 



What is Coletrain Collective? 


Founded in 2014 Coletrain Collective started out of a need to have a business name for my wedding work. However, after a short period of time I realized that having a wedding video business was not my ultimate goal and it wasn't enough for me. I wanted so much more as a creative, I began to get into other endeavors such as filmmaking, photography, graphic design, music making and even teaching. Above all else, I craved creating a team of creatives that would pursue creative excellence together and eventually create something to inspire other creatives to do the same.


Coletrain Collective, even today is still growing and evolving into its truest form.

Not just a business, but a creative outlet. An experimentation station, 

a night light for creatives, a springboard into the deep end,

knee and elbow pads for creative beginners, 

a platform for the up and coming,

a hammock for the dreamers

a team, a brand,

A Collective.



The team

CHandler Hilken

Tanner Ross




Other creatives we love to work with!


We are such huge fans of Leif Brandy Photography! By far our favorite Photography to work with. You can never go wrong with Leif. Honestly if you book him for a wedding PLEASE book us as well we love every chance we get to work with him!

We love Jeff Lascola Films, which you may find as weird because you would think we compete for just but honestly it is quite the opposite. Our very first jobs was second shooting weddings with Jeff and we are so appreciate of all the help and creativity he provides. Who knows if you book Jeff you just may some of us at wedding as well second shooting!